Revive Revamp and Rejoice

Missing Treasure

Today I don’t want to be sad. Oh no, not today. Today I would be happy. I would rejoice like I am in heaven. Tired of hearing all sad depressing stories of lone lonely loners. Today is the day I would feel the happiness inside me. I won’t go searching for it. I would find it inside me however deep I have to dive. This moment. This very moment is the moment when my soul picks itself and knits the broken pieces together. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. This confidence. This energy. It was the missing treasure I had lost somewhere yesterday. But today, I have found it. Spreading the positive vibes to everyone connected to me. Revive Revamp and Rejoice.


LH Liberation


The parrots are caged, the eagles wander…

The parrots are caged, the eagles wander…

An eagle flies by, the parrots wonder

What was it like to rule the skies, with everything under…


The eagles came and talked

About the places where it flew…

The parrots were shocked

And sad it saw nothing new…


Soon the parrots protested

But the humans were rigid

For they thought it was unsafe

“The parrots were frail”


Some eagles were eager

To help their sisters

Fly high through the azure

Like a free spirited bird


The humans are stringent

The struggle continues to this day

The parrots still strong

But the humans are stronger


Note : Based on true story …

Most of the College Ladies Hostels in Kerala do not allow girls to get outside after 7 pm or so while no such restrictions apply to boys. The struggle is real. Protests are actively going on at many colleges including mine but to no avail. Lets hope for a better future when parrots get the same freedom as eagles.

The Second Permission

Tough Questions
I have always wondered as a kid what is it like to be an adult. Then, it meant more freedom – importantly the ability to choose the way of life we want to live. I waited desperately to grow up. And now 20 years young, here I am into adulthood. I am free to choose a lot of things in my life now. But today I face a new dilemma. A different one. Should I choose a way of life that the society accepts as normal or should I choose the one which I see to be normal. No… I ain’t being a sociopath. I am in fact conveying the very dilemma every young people face. Getting the second permission from your mind to live freely. Enjoying freedom in its true sense. So here I lay thinking about it on and on and on…

The decision needs to be made as soon as possible. We never know how times flies. Either I live my life the hard way while maybe everyone thinks I am successful or I live my life the best way possible while maybe the society brands me as a failure. Endless stream of thoughts flow in and out of my head.

Finally I make my decision. A bit vague in nature though. Yet an excellent one. I would try not to lose the kid in me. May be I might make mistakes. Or I may act silly. But never would I regret on each decision made. Its the journey that gives me more pleasure than the destination itself. The never ending infinite journey called life.


via Daily Prompt: Vanish

Just like parallel tracks which seems to meet somewhere far at infinity

But in reality the distance between them never vanish…

Just like today which seems so close to tomorrow

But the time in between never vanish…

We all long for a happy future

But the problems never vanish…

If nothing ever vanishes, then why do try hard to do so ?

Its all in our mind…

Where we have built huge imaginary wall which we try to make it vanish…

But alas… It is not so difficult for our mind to build new walls.

For our imagination is something which never vanishes at all !!!