The Second Permission

Tough Questions
I have always wondered as a kid what is it like to be an adult. Then, it meant more freedom – importantly the ability to choose the way of life we want to live. I waited desperately to grow up. And now 20 years young, here I am into adulthood. I am free to choose a lot of things in my life now. But today I face a new dilemma. A different one. Should I choose a way of life that the society accepts as normal or should I choose the one which I see to be normal. No… I ain’t being a sociopath. I am in fact conveying the very dilemma every young people face. Getting the second permission from your mind to live freely. Enjoying freedom in its true sense. So here I lay thinking about it on and on and on…

The decision needs to be made as soon as possible. We never know how times flies. Either I live my life the hard way while maybe everyone thinks I am successful or I live my life the best way possible while maybe the society brands me as a failure. Endless stream of thoughts flow in and out of my head.

Finally I make my decision. A bit vague in nature though. Yet an excellent one. I would try not to lose the kid in me. May be I might make mistakes. Or I may act silly. But never would I regret on each decision made. Its the journey that gives me more pleasure than the destination itself. The never ending infinite journey called life.


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